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[Video] "The boat is 40 procent complete"

Woodwork teacher Pär Wahlgren continues his project to build a Pettersson boat by hand from 1934. The work is clearly progressing and the boat is starting to take shape - but the schedule has had to be revised... Watch the video about how things are going for Pär.
In the video, Pär tells us that the boat is approximately 40 percent complete.
- On the one hand, there is a little stuff to do in the back. And then we have the entire driver's area: I'm missing two seats for the driver. 
Furthermore, Pär tells us that before the final painting for the boat, he must dismantle all fittings that are installed, because the painting must be perfect. Of course, Pär uses boat fittings from ROCA Industry.
Watch the full video below
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