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"It's fun to build a Swedish boat"

ROCA Industry visited the home of the woodcraft teacher Pär Wahlgren, who in his spare time builds a Pettersson boat according to original drawings from 1934. See our video with him!
Pär Wahlgren from Tyresö has just started his boat building project which will result in a classic Pettersson boat - just as they looked in the 1930s and 1940s. It will be many hours in the workshop and in our interview, Pär talks about his driving force and what you should watch out for as a boat builder.
ROCA Industry will support Pär's work, both with workwear and materials, such as marine boat fittings. It will be very exciting to follow the project's development, both in our social media and here on the blog. Good luck, Pär!

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