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One size does fit all!

Finding the proper wiper system shouldn’t be hard, and you shouldn’t have to go to different places to collect all the products that you need. The perfect wiper system should be flexible enough to adapt to each and every windscreen, regardless of size, angle or position. 

In marine environments, a clear sight is highly important. To provide the biggest sweep range possible, it is important that the wiper system has all the proper functionality in place, and works well with your specific windscreen no matter the size or angles. 


The way they move 

With various moving patterns and a steepless adjustment of the sweep angle and telescopic wiper arm, our products can assure you an optimal sweep. To make sure they will cover as much of your windscreen as possible (when in use, of course) they come with various anchor points – top, bottom, in the middle or on the sides. For marine environments, wipers with pantograph arms that sweep from side to side are the best choice in most cases.

Finding the perfect match

As mentioned above, the perfect wiper system should be flexible. Therefore, all of our wiper systems are flexible so that you can adjust them to your specific marine windscreen. To be able to develop and manufacture such flexible yet precise products, we always base the production and design of our wiper systems on solid data. We leave nothing to chance!

To be able to help you find the perfect solution for your needs among our range of products, we take a multitude of important things into consideration. Some of them are: 

  • Type of window – windscreen, side window or rear window
  • The window’s width, height and angle 
  • Where the wiper motor should be installed
  • Whether you need more than one wiper system 
  • Which control system you’ll need 
  • If you need any overlapping sweep like in your car

No matter the system, we always strive towards providing our customers with the most smooth, precise and trustworthy sweep! 

We will gladly lend you a hand 

Do you need an even more custom-made system? We’ve got you covered. Apart from providing a full range of products, we’re always here to help you with everything from design to construction and service. Our engineers are always happy to help you find the perfect match. 

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