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The wiper motors of the future must be energy efficient

There is a lot going on in the windshield wiper motor market. New technologies are being developed to, among other things, reduce the engines' energy consumption. We spoke with Karl Svensson, who evaluated the market for wiper motors on our behalf and gave recommendations for future product development.
This summer Karl Svensson, who is studying civil engineering in Luleå, worked extra at ROCA Industry. Han's primary task in the meantime was to evaluate the market for a new technology intended for windshield wiper motors. He analyzed the market's needs and identified potential uses. 
"The market for windshield wipers and motors is driven by innovation and the pursuit of sustainable and energy-efficient solutions. The latter means that wiper motors and windshield wipers must be designed to minimize energy consumption and at the same time maximize performance", says Karl, who thinks that manufacturers like ROCA should therefore adopt a strategy that integrates adaptation, innovation and collaboration.

Reduced energy consumption

As an example of minimized energy consumption, you can mention electric vehicles. There it is desirable that the wiper system needs less electricity. An optimized energy consumption in the vehicle can contribute to maximizing the electric vehicle's range. 
All markets are characterized by a balance between supply and demand and if you ask Karl, he thinks that right now demand that determines development.
"It's the "customer's market"; customers have a significant impact on product development. The sellers and manufacturers still have a role to play by introducing new technologies and solutions that exceed customers' expectations", Karl thinks.
Which technologies will we see in the future that we don't dare to dream about today?
"I think augmented reality (AR) could potentially be used as an alternative to traditional windshield wipers. The use of AR technology can improve the driver's view, for example by digitally projecting information onto the windshield. Sensors and cameras would monitor the surroundings and identify water drops, snow or dirt on the window. Also, AR technology could create virtual images or animations that "wipe away" these obstacles, giving the driver a clearer view. Or do we need a windshield at all?"
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