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“We have no reason to try another wiper system”

A collaboration built on communication and trust, not least because of the W50 wiper system, which can withstand extreme conditions. This is how Nancy Bullert from R&D Panzerglas describes her company's cooperation with ROCA Industry, which has existed for over 10 years. 
R&D Panzerglas from Magdeburg, Germany is a leading company in the field of armored glazing for construction machinery for explosive ordnance recovery, the military and companies that may encounter explosive ordnance in the earthmoving machinery industry. R&D's customers include construction equipment rental companies and manufacturers, construction companies, ammunition recovery services and shipping companies, says Nancy Bullert, who works in the company in organization and sales: 
“The basis for us are the regulations of BG BAU, the statutory accident insurance for the construction industry. They have precise regulations as to how such vehicles must be equipped.”

Long-time customer

R&D Panzerglas has been using ROCA's wiper system for around twelve to thirteen years. The previous provider had products that simply weren't stable or robust enough. In addition, the wiper motors must be splash-proof, which was not the case with our previous provider. That's why they chose ROCA's windshield wiper system W50:
“We chose the product because the wiper motors meet our requirements. When it comes to construction machinery, you don't need a small, pretty wiper, but one with power that can take a bit of beating. The W50 is simply ideal,” says Nancy Bullert.


Ocean seaworthiness is crucial

The contact with ROCA came about because the experts at R&D Panzerglas were interested in wiper systems that are also used in ocean shipping. Many of the machines that the company equips are stationed on pontoons on oil drilling platforms:
“The seaworthiness was important and since then we have been satisfied and have no reason to try anything else,” says Nancy Bullert and explains how R&D Panzerglas uses the W50: 

“The wipers are not always attached directly to the vehicles, in some systems we use so-called front frame systems, something like a stone guard but with a bulletproof glass pane. These are equipped with an extra wiper unit depending on customer requirements. This is then connected in parallel to the on-board wiper so that the operator can wipe at the same time and wipe away mud, dirt, and everything that comes with construction machinery."  

Would you recommend us?
“Yes, and especially because we have so few complaints. This is good because the product has to withstand a lot. We hear virtually nothing from the customers who operate our machines every day. And since no one is complaining about the wiper systems, I see that as a good sign.
I also think that the contact with your local office in Künzelsau works excellently. The collaboration is simply great -  the staff is always available and helpful. Complaints are not discussed at all. And during Corona times they were pretty accommodating when it came to paying invoices. That’s what makes a long-term business relationship.” 

Interesting application that is demanding

“The way R&D Panzerglas uses the W50 is interesting and sophisticated. The machines are exposed to harsh conditions and I see the good cooperation with Ms. Bullert and colleagues as proof that our products are robust and stable. We are happy to help companies like R&D Panzerglas,” says Andrea Dirscherl, who is responsible for customer contact at ROCA Industry. 
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