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"We easily integrated the W10 into our vehicle"

Nowadays, in the times of home delivery (Amazon, Zalando), more and more vans are filling our streets. Traffic jams arise, caused by vans that park merely everywhere. In particular the delivery on the last mile is difficult. Here, the Germany-based startup Antric offers an efficient alternative. Their cargo e-bike is equipped with windscreen wiper motors from ROCA Industry. 
"Our Antric One is not only more ecological than a Sprinter, but also significantly more efficient as a small and agile vehicle, especially in narrow old town streets and inner cities," explains Max Möller, who is responsible for purchasing and procurement at Antric.

Robust and flexible cargo e-bike 

Antric's customers are primarily shipping service providers. For them, the Antric team developed the robust and flexible heavy-duty cargo bike for a more efficient and convenient delivery on the last mile. The Antric One can, although it is an e-bike, transport 2m³ of goods weighing up to 300 kilograms (660 pounds).
"With the cargo e-bike, our customers can easily and relaxed drive by the traffic jams caused by parked Sprinters", says Max Möller.

ROCA's wiper motor W10

The heavy-duty bike has a windshield, behind which the driver sits protected in a cabin. Windshields require windshield wipers, and here Antric chose ROCA Industry's W10 windscreen wiper motor. This after the company had previously had tried other products.
“Up to now, we used a windshield wiper motor from the automotive sector. These motors are adapted to each vehicle and cannot be obtained directly from the wiper manufacturer,"says Max Möller.
So Antric had to re-think and consider providers outside the automotive sector. After searching the Internet for suppliers of wiper systems, Antric became aware of ROCA Industry. The Antric team was particularly impressed by the universal attachment and the adjustable wiper angle of the W10:
“We were in need of an adjustable wiper angle and an extendable wiper arm. ROCA was able to offer both, and so we were able to easily integrate the product into our vehicle," says Max Möller.

Good contact with ROCA Industry

The first contact was made in summer 2021, and after a relatively short discussion, Max Möller ordered the first W10 motors, wiper arms and wiper blades in autumn 2021:
“Our contact with ROCA is great. We get the service that we expect and Ms. Dirscherl from ROCA Germany supports us in all matters. "
In your opinion, which companies or products would benefit from our wiper motors and accessories?
"Manufacturers of small vehicles, heavy-duty bikes and other vehicles that have a windshield," says Max Möller in conclusion.

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