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"The ROCA wiper motors never let us down"

You have probably seen them before - time-lapse films from construction sites that document the progress of a project in a fascinating way. These films are professional work, done by professional providers. One of them is the company MK Timelapse, who has been purchasing windscreen wiper motors from ROCA for years.
— Time-lapse films can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can use them to show construction progress on project websites, in social channels and newsletters. They also can be used in renderings at trade fairs and work as independent presentations, explains Jan Ritonnale, Technical Director at MK Timelapse - a Germany-based global provider of systems for time-lapse and construction documentation.

High quality due to carefully selected components

A prerequisite for this versatile use is of course a high image quality - images from a  simple webcam are not enough.
— Our construction site documentation is of really high quality. We have developed camera systems ourselves, which we manufacture here in Hamburg, Germany. These systems consist of carefully selected components. The selection of the right components is particularly crucial for our work, as they ensure both the high quality of the recordings and the corresponding reliability of our systems.
One of these components are wipers and wiper motors. The glass pane of the camera systems must remain free - which isn't always easy when it rains, snows or else:
— On the construction sites that we are documenting, we have to contend with sometimes extreme contamination of our camera systems. In order to always have a clear view, we clean the glass panes of our camera systems fully automatically, says Jan Ritonnale.

Found the motors from ROCA

However, the windshield wiper motor MK Timelapse used before repeatedly had extreme issues with corrosion. When looking for a replacement motor, the MK Timelapse team consulted their supplier and came across ROCA's motors.
The dialogue went well and in the course of the decision-making process, there were also adjustments made by ROCA:
— ROCA helped us a lot with the delivery of black products in the variant we wanted in 24V and short shaft. Our camera systems now have a uniform black substructure and are now even more visually appealing, says Jan Ritonnale.
What is your experience with ROCA's products?
— We have only had positive experiences with the windshield wiper motors from ROCA. For years, the ROCA wiper motors have never let us down and still work perfectly even in extreme conditions such as in the desert or in snowstorms, says Jan Ritonnale.
ROCA is also satisfied with the collaboration with MK Timelapse:
— The cooperation with MK Timelapse gave us new impulses for our application areas. As a result, the collaboration was - and is - very inspiring for us, says Andrea Dirscherl from ROCA.

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