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The perfect match for every windscreen

Have a closer look at ROCA’s unique wiper systems for all types of windscreens.

Do you need a wiper system for your windscreen, side window or rear window? Regardless of whether it’s for a pioneering dream project among boat people, a new work boat, a series of trucks, excavators or special vehicles. Thanks to the flexibility of ROCA wiper systems, we offer solutions for all needs.

With almost 40 years of experience, ROCA is a leader in wiper systems and other products for the marine industry. Over the years, the reputation of our reliable and innovative products has caught on, and today, we are also supplier to numerous large manufacturers of work vehicles, construction machinery, railway and defence vehicles.

Thanks to the stepless adjustment of the sweep angle and telescopic wiper arm, the window is assured an optimal sweep. At the same time, the pressure is exactly adapted to the window angle, thus providing the best possible wiping effect of the wiper arm and wiper blade.

Made of the highest quality materials and featuring an IP65-rated motor, in addition to many years of development through experience in harsh conditions, it provides the highest wiper precision. A guarantee of safety and comfort.



The W12 is a waterproof wiper system with an easily adjustable sweep and parking position.


We can help you with everything, from design and construction to service

At ROCA, we love challenges and are willing to take on even the most demanding of projects. When our engineers begin to mull over ideas, it’s a sign that new designs and improvements will soon materialize as prototypes, which are then evaluated, further developed and tested in extensive sustainability tests before we put them into production.

The easiest way for us to familiarise ourselves with your needs and help you is through the use of our wiper system configurator. You will then receive several suggestions on the right products for your needs. Check it out here.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a marine masterpiece or a sturdy work vehicle.

ROCA wiper systems – the perfect match for every windscreen

  • Stepless adjustment for optimum sweep angle
  • The pressure is exactly adapted to provide the best possible wiping effect
  • Developed and tested for use in harsh conditions
  • Unlimited flexibility provides unique solutions
  • Highest wiper precision at the right price

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