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The must-have wiper functions

When it comes to wipers there are endless of options available on the market, making choosing the right type for your purpose complex. Function, fitting and looks – where does one start? Luckily, we have the answers.

Finding the right solution for your windscreen and vehicle can be challenging. But one thing is for sure: whether you want something just as functional as stylish, or you need the most reliant and resistant wiper on the market – you need a product you can trust.

At ROCA, we strive to help you on your way to enlightenment. And we stress that choosing a wiper system isn’t something you should do without careful consideration. Because you haven’t manufactured a well thought-out vehicle just to let the final touch ruin the perfect result. As stated so many times before; the quality is in the details. And when it comes to wipers, it’s not just about discrete looks or an okay function. You want to offer your customers the complete package by providing them great function regardless of environment, quality to count on as well as neat design. Cause great sight is highly important when you’re at sea. And let’s face it; wipers need to be both aesthetically pleasing and reliable in every situation.  

Important basics when you’re on the hunt for the right wipers

When looking for the right wiper system, your unique needs should always be met. No questions asked! You want to ensure that:

  • the wipers fit your windscreen size perfectly and therefore function optimally
  • the wipers are designed to move in a pattern that is suitable for the conditions of your vehicle 
  • the sweep is on point, providing the right pressure for your needs
  • the system is resistant to salt water, being the toughest environmentally related stressor  
  • the quality and performance won’t be negatively affected by demanding environments or weather 
  • the wipers are easy to attach and detach so that your customers easily can replace them if needed
  • the system is safe. I.e that the engine shuts off if the wipers get stuck, to prevent overheating

If you’re still feeling a bit uncertain – we’re here to help. Our engineers will walk you through your specific conditions to find the right motor and wiper for your unique needs.

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