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ROCA's paddle tennis court solution - an ace

When a project manager in the glass industry wanted to meet his customer's requirements for a paddle court, he faced a challenge: "How to build space-saving door and locking solutions for an outdoor facility? That also accommodates access for service personnel?" This was the start of a project that resulted in a completely new combination of products that ROCA provides.
Everything started when a contractor from Central Sweden contacted ROCA's customer Gallerbolaget to get help with a special solution for entry and exit for unmanned paddle courts outdoors. The contractor's courses are located in Sundbyberg, Ingarö and Gränna (Sweden).
– When the player or end user books the paddle course in an app, a code is generated, with the help of which it is possible to open the course's keypad, says Gallerbolaget's project manager Kristian Söderlund.

The tracks were very close located to each other

At some paddle court facilities, there is a lack of space between the courses because the owners want to establish as many courses as possible on the land they own. Even in this particular project, the tracks were (and are) very close to each other.
– A traditional function with swing doors was impossible. There were many things to take into account, so we needed to think outside the box and look at sliding doors with 10 mm tempered glass as an alternative, says Kristian Söderlund.
Kristian is very experienced when it comes to developing special solutions for his customers and has made himself known as a problem solver. The first step in the solution work was to find a magnet that was current-coated with 12v and with a pulling force of 136 kg (weight of the doors).
– I found one on ROCA's website and contacted ROCA's sales rep Jimmy Berglund to come up with ideas and features.
According to both, the challenge was not just on one level. Several difficulties arose, and the fact of external influence was always a factor.

– We came to the conclusion that our sliding door solution must be covered with double soft closures, that the electric magnet would handle the opening and closing function, says Jimmy Berglund.

ROCA:s R&D-department got going

During the project, Gallerbolaget got help of ROCA's R&D department to develop this customer-unique solution.
– The experts who work there performed tests of the opening and closing function so everything worked well. They also created glass drawings in CAD, says Kristian Söderlund.
Jimmy Berglund adds:
– For the customer, it was important that there would also be a service entrance for the maintenance of the paddle court. Here, the solution was a module locked with the help of keys. Kristian produced a lock box, because Gallerbolaget had mounted so-called stumps (immersion of metal) that ROCA's fittings went against.

The result - a satisfied customer who wants to build more paddle courts

– According to the customer, everything has worked very well! No errors or deviations have occurred. It is good to know that ROCA is creative and possesses experience and knowledge in-house. If the end customer is satisfied, I am satisfied, laughs Kristian Söderlund.
In the contractor's case, the plan is that more unmanned paddle courts will be established in 2022 at various locations in Sweden - all with ROCA's solution.
What other uses are there for this solution?
– Unfortunately, I only see companies that are active in racquet sports where a net is in the way. So it will probably be mostly paddle tennis, but also outdoor courts. But paddle tennis is really an indoor sport, and ROCA's solution is perfect for a product and sport that is fashion right now, Jimmy Berglund concludes.

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