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Matte black - the easy way to make marine equipment fashionable

Over the years, marine equipment has gone from something that only needs to be functional to something that has to be equally aesthetically appealing. Because even though they might be small, marine fittings make a big difference and truly influence a boats’ overall impression. And you don’t want to compromise on the looks of your boat – nor should you.  

Small and exclusive 

Real beauty lies in the details. Whether someone’s into the industrial, retro, classy or high-end look, they make the perfect icing on the cake. Throughout the years, the demand for modern boats that stand out from the crowd has increased. This does not only require a well thought-out design, but also the ideal fittings. 

If you take a close look at the marine supply available out there, you’ll find that some of the most exclusive boat manufacturers are starting to leave chrome and polished steel behind to make room for marine fittings in matte black. Matte black enhances the design, makes the perfect companion to any other color and works wonders in marine environments. It adds a luxurious feeling.  


The perfect two-in-one solution

When it’s time to choose the most suitable marine fittings we tend to think of functionality first. But as the products will get caught by the eyes of the beholder, one should not forget about the design and whether they go well together with the rest of the interior or not. 

The great thing about functionality and design is that they may work wonders together! One doesn’t have to exclude the other. But! Before you switch to marine fittings in black, there’s a few questions you should ask yourself (or the manufacturer) first: 


  • Will the products still provide the best possible function? 
  • Are the products still made of high-quality materials? 
  • Can you trust that the color will stay put even in harsh conditions? 


Still thinking about whether black marine fittings are a good choice for you? We’re here to help and gladly answer your questions about the color and our matte black products.


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