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"The quality of the products is consistently good"

ROCA Industry's marine products are sold all over the globe via a wide network of retailers. One of them is Finnish Maritim, whose contact person Benjamin Grundfelt recently visited our office. We talked to him about our range and how the products are received by Maritim's customers.
Benjamin Grundfelt works as Product Manager at Maritim's wholesale department. As a marine dealer, Maritim is well established and can look back on 110 years in the component industry. Maritim's customers are boat builders and dealers in Finland, the Baltics and Poland. The collaboration with ROCA Industry started about 40 years ago. When asked why Maritim distributes ROCA Industry's products, the answer is simple and straightforward:
- You have good products! Our customers demand them and we have had no reason to change anything in our collaboration in recent decades.
Benjamin says that Maritim's customers especially appreciate the information available on ROCA Industry's website.
- You have very nice and detailed drawings, both in PDF and in 3D format. Your competitors do not have it.

Appreciates durability and good service

The quality of ROCA Industry's products is also appreciated by Maritim's customers.

- The quality is consistently good, your products are unusually durable. We notice this because we get very few complaints and returns, says Benjamin.
How is the service from ROCA's staff, then?
- Impeccable, from both my contact persons Mikael Carlsson (Sales Manager Marine, editor's note) and Lars Wänglund (engineer in the development department, editor's note).
Benjamin has sailed for many years. Right now, however, he only owns a "small pulpit boat" and he spends far too few hours at sea. Still, he keeps his ear to the market and finds out what boat customers want more of in the future. He continuously gathers this input and discusses with his contacts at ROCA which products could be the next big thing:
- I want more deckfillers, even if you already have them in your range. In addition, I truely believe in black components, such as black hinges, concludes Benjamin Grundfelt.

Thank you so much for the interview, Benjamin, and we look forward to more years of continued successful collaboration!

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