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"Opened Robust hundreds of times - and it works!"

Something completely new that you had never seen before, but still very intuitive. This was the first impression that a future industrial designer got when in the autumn of 2021 he was commissioned to develop a prototype for the folding bracket Robust. Here's our interview with him.
Gustav Sturk is one half of group 1 in the design project that ROCA Industry carried out in collaboration with Konstfack, the University of Arts, Design and Crafts in Stockholm. The prototype he and Nikola Despotovic developed was a rail for folding bracket Robust which can be used to raise and lower shelves, tables and the like inside a motorhome or caravan (read more about the Konstfack project here).
Tell us about your idea for Robust!
– There was a clear area of use for the product and we wanted to expand this area of use. That's how we came up with the idea of the height-adjustable shelf systems. Then the consumer gets more freedom with how to use the shelves and use as needed.
Who is the target group for your prototype?
– Our target group was mainly families with small children. But also freelancers or people who are out on their own adventures. In other words, a younger target group - rather in the age group under 40 years than over 50.
Why did you choose Robust XL for your prototype?
– It was for durability, it's strength. It lasts the most and if you want to build a bed with the help of the console and the shelf, it must withstand a lot of weight.
What was your first impression of the product?
– It was something completely new that I had never seen before. But it still seemed like a very obvious thing that has a clear purpose. It was an eye opener for us as students in industrial design how a simple solution can change an entire product - in this case a shelf. The consoles are very intuitive. Even at first glance, they looked reliable.
What do you think of Robust's design?
– I understand why they are not on the home decoration market - for example that you can not buy them at IKEA or similar. Robust has a very distinct element of industrial premises. It is brushed steel and simple shapes. The console is stylish.
How did you experience the product's properties during the project? You must have opened and closed it a lot, right?
– We have probably opened and closed the console hundreds of times and the feeling in the opening and it has worked all the time.
If you could improve something on Robust, what would it be?
That would be the way to assemble Robust. For the upper screw - the one that sits directly below the angle that occurs when folding up the bracket - the worker needs an extension or extension of the screwdriver. Or a special tool. But on the other hand, it may not be a challenge for professionals, who have all the tools!
If I were a manufacturer of motorhomes or caravans and looking for a similar product. Why should I choose Robust?
– If the stylish design or Robust's reliability is not enough, then this manufacturer of such vehicles can feel confident that ROCA Industry has solid experience in this industry.

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