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Black is the new black

When it comes to choosing hardware like handles, glass fittings, showerheads, pipework and armatures, it should not come as a surprise that matte black is popular. Both modern and timeless, black works wonders in all the usual places.

An easy way to make a dramatic change to a room is simply to replace all fittings – where possible – with matte black ones and you will get a whole new home. A small change, like swapping a light switch or a doorknob, can make all the difference and is a budget-friendly option for anyone who can’t afford to replace all the hardware.

Black adds the right touch of industrial style
The utilitarian look of matte black is what makes it such an integral part of many industrial schemes. It looks fantastic in the kitchen, the bathroom, on a glass wall, a banister or on the entrance door. Anywhere you’d like to add that retro industrial feeling – why not also in a modern open-plan office, on a yacht or in a camper?

It looks good everywhere – any colour goes alongside with black details and fittings. This is because unpolished black is black in the extreme – essentially it contains all colours but lacks light. This makes matte black the perfect complement to any other colour as well as being the perfect foil, preventing any scheme from becoming too much. Black is also a very nice complement to the mid-century style, and helps bring a more current edge to it.

Five ways to update your interior

1. Any colour goes alongside with black details and fittings.
Green interior with black details
The green colour is enhanced by the black details.

2. Exposed black pipework gives a dramatic, yet elegant, touch to your bathroom or kitchen. Add faucets, knobs and light fittings in matte black and combine it with white tiles and details in wood or zink to get that perfect industrial look.
Bathroom with black pipework
The brick wall and black fittings combined with wooden details give the room an elegant and cosy feeling.

3. Contrast is the secret ingredient that makes your design memorable. When used correctly, this foundational design principle can add a huge dose of visual interest to your interiors while simultaneously pulling it together.
Black kitchen with ceramic sink
This black and white kitchen features a classic ceramic sink, which adds visual interest to the design.

4. Black details help bring a more current edge to mid-century style.
Midcentury stove
The obvious conversation piece: The trendy black stove with its retro look.

5. If you need some private space but want to keep the open-space feeling, you can install a glass wall. The black mullions not only give the room that industrial New York loft-style, but also minimize the risk of bumping into the wall…
New York loftstyle bedroom
New York loft-kind-of privacy style.


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