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Updates in ROCA Industry's glass configurators

ROCA Industrys configurators for glass walls and glass doors now work even more swiftly for users that want to make their own drawings. The most visible update is effecting the shopping cart.
This year, ROCA Industry's configurators for glass walls and glass doors celebrate two years. Ever since their launch, our website's visitores have used them frequently and enjoyed that there is no login required prior to start drawing. In the meantime, our developers have constantly expanded the tools with new, flexible functions. The latest, broader update last year included among other things:
- possibility to have more walls, to build a whole room
- new box with price indication
- option to place the glass door in the middle of the construction
- wider maximum dimensions for glass

In the latest (January 2024) released version, it was made easier for users to see prices for custom items, which is important in a design process. The second update is about that users can see the pdf drawing of their projects in the shopping cart in case they want to take a final look. Orders without custom items from the configurator will be handled as before.
Click here to access the glass wall configurator
Click here to get to the glass door configurator

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