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ROCA Industry continues to support civilians in the Ukraine

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, thousands of Ukrainians have been deprived of their homes, money, clothes, food, and other essential things. To support those innocent victims of the war, ROCA Industry is contributing to a fundraising account for humanitarian assistance. 
At the beginning of the war, ROCA gave donations to NGOs like Médecins Sans Frontières. But since Ukraine started a fundraising account at the National Bank of Ukraine, ROCA has contributed to this account every month in order to help those hardest hit by the war with Russia.
The Ukrainian Ministry of Social Policy started the fundraiser to provide food and shelter for citizens who have been displaced, to give clothing and medicine, and to buy staple goods for the Ukrainian population.
"Looking back at our contributions to Ukraine, we have transferred a considerable amount to this fundraising account," says Hans Lindbohm, ROCA Industry's CEO.
Hans Lindbohm says that the contributions by ROCA Industry will continue even in 2024.

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