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Regarding fake emails from ROCA Industry

In the last few days, obviously fraudulent emails have been sent to customers and business contacts in the name of ROCA Industry. Please do not answer these emails and do not follow the instructions of the "sender".
The emails are written in English, the exact wording can be found below following this text.

Insidiously, the scammer(s) used an email alias from our employee as the sender address (andrea.dirscherl@rocaindustry.de). Ms. Dirscherl's "correct" domain email address is @rocaindustry.com though, and admittedly this difference is difficult to tell.

In another email (scam email 2) the email comes from ROCA Industry AB <accs.r@rocaindustry.com> and the person "Laura E. Kirven" (who does not work for us and is unknown to us).

We do not know who is behind these emails with the subject "Open Invoices", but we can assure you that we have no intention of switching our accounts and that there are no outstanding invoices with the invoice number(s) given.

If we were to make such important changes, we would notify you through means other than a relatively simple email.

We thank you for your understanding!

Scam Email 1

Von: Andrea Dirscherl (Roca Industry AB) <andrea.dirscherl@rocaindustry.de>

Gesendet: Montag, 25. April 2022 15:14
An: (Empfänger)
Betreff: AW: Open Invoices

Hello (NAME),

Thank you for your response. Please be informed that as we are undergoing the annual reconciliation audit on our previous account, we can not receive any payments on that account at this time.

Kindly update our account details which you have in your payment system to our updated account details below:

Beneficiary: ROCA Industry AB
IBAN: GB63 TSBS 7719 1800 1337 13

We hereby instruct that all outstanding payments for invoices from now on, should be made to our updated account details.

Meanwhile please note; We are Currently undergoing our annual reconciliation audit and also trying to balance our accounts. Therefore, We would appreciate it if you can help us make the payments for this Invoices{# 335398 and 335259} this week. This would enable us to achieve a successful audit for the year and We would be delighted to offer you a 5% discount for this kind gesture. Kindly calculate and minus 5% from the total amount and then proceed with the payment. Also please send me the payment confirmation copy after the payment has been effected.

Also regarding the credit note for invoice 334352, We shall send it to you in May.

We plead for your assistance and understanding on this matter.

Your quick response will be appreciated.

Andrea Dirscherl
Sales Representative
Roca Industry AB


Scam Email 2

Från: ROCA Industry AB <accs.r@rocaindustry.com>
Skickat: den 25 april 2022 13:48
Ämne: Open Invoices

Good day,

Please be informed that we are undergoing our Annual bank account reconciliation audit and while reviewing the outstanding balances, we have some questions for you;

Can you please send a list of the open invoices and outstanding payments according to what your records show?
How much is the outstanding/open invoices and the when is the exact payment date?

Also if you have not paid yet, kindly suspend the payment.

Your quick response will be appreciated.
Best Regards,
Laura E. Kirven

Accounts Receivables.


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