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ROCA Industry takes further step to reduce carbon footprint

Since April 1st, ROCA Industry purchases recycled aluminium and thereby contributes to lower carbon emissions. Recycling one tonne of aluminium saves nine tonnes of CO2 emissions.
"Aluminium is a raw material which we use a lot, e.g. in our Decibel profile systems. By making the right choices in purchasing, we believe that we can do our share for a greener future", says ROCA Industry's CEO Hans Lindbohm.
One of ROCA Industry's main suppliers in aluminium, located in Finland, offers a low-emission alternative that significantly reduces the carbon footprint. This due to the fact that the aluminium is recycled. According to their calculations, recycling one tonne of aluminium saves six tonnes of bauxite and nine tonnes of CO2 emissions.
"Of course, this alternative has a little higher price than the non-recycled aluminium. But we won't add this to our prices, so our customers will not be affected. Instead, they know that choosing alumimium products from ROCA is a green choice", says Hans Lindbohm.
In 2022, ROCA Industry purchased ROCA Industry 75 tonnes of aluminium. This shows the potential of this environmentally friendly choice and in what extend it will allow ROCA to save natural resources and the environment.
"Sustainability is a key focus for ROCA Industry, and we constantly look into further initiatives and fields where we can improve", concludes Hans Lindbohm.


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