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"Corona pandemic had positive effects on the boating industry"

Boat builders and boat sellers were really busy during the corona pandemic. Just because boating turned out to be a good option when people could not go abroad in the same way as before. This according tot Lars-Åke Redéen, jury member of the Boat Builders Awards, which is awarded at this year's Metstrade trade fair in Amsterdam.
After a year and a half, the marine fairs will now start. How much have you longed for them, Lars-Åke?
Very much. It will be nice to meet people physically again after all the digital meetings. When it comes to the Metstrade trade fair, I am most looking forward to meeting colleagues from other countries and to seeing all the new products that will be displayed there.
How do you think the corona pandemic has affected the boating industry?
For the boating industry, it has had many positive effects. When people could not go abroad in the same way as before, boating became a good and accessible alternative. This has led to a good order income for the boating industry throughout the western world.
You are a jury member in the Boat Builders Awards. What are you and your colleagues looking for in a future laureate?
The prizes are awarded in several different classes, so it can be products that are completely different in essence. What unites them is that we seek originality and smartness in an idea or product. This is always a good concept. When it comes to the products, they can be those that improve or simplify boating life or boat production or have environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.
Can you see any general trends in boat building?
The boats are becoming more comfortable and adapted for short trips. Even if they can handle long-distance sailing or long trips along the coast, the boats are mainly used for short trips, day trips or trips of 2-3 days.
How do you as a boat person view fittings and their role on a boat? Are they just "nice to have" or are they crucial to the overall impression?
They are very important for the overall impression. If the attention to detail is not high, it will affect the judgment of the entire product.

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