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CT41 - new wiper control for low-power wiper motors

A simple and easy to install wiper control tailored for low-power wiper motors, this is the new CT41. What distinguishes the model is that all electronic components are in the same unit as the control panel. 
Mikael Carlsson, Sales Manager Marine Division at ROCA Industry, tells more about CT41:
"We want to broaden our range of wiper controls with a simple and easy-to-install model for low-power wiper motors, such as our W10 or W12. The idea is to offer a wiper control that does not require a separate relay box, since all the electronics are in the same unit as the control panel."

What advantages does the CT41 have for the user?
"The CT41 is perfect when you only have one wiper on your boat, or your vehicle, but still want to be able to make full use of the wiper motor - such as with dual speed, intermittent sweep and rinse. It is also relatively affordable. Typically, wiper controls are designed for 2-3 wiper motors, which often become expensive in relation to how they are used when the boat or vehicle only has one wiper.
Last but not least, the CT41 is really user-friendly. All functions are easy to set and switch between."

How important is a functioning wiper control in a boat, vehicle or similar?
"This control ensures - like all other wiper controls - that your wiper motor can be used optimally to ensure good visibility, which is important from a safety point of view."
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