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ROCA Industry starts new collaboration with Konstfack

Konstfack's bachelor's program for industrial design is carrying out a new project in collaboration with ROCA Industry. The collaboration enables the students to gather practical experience. At the same time, ROCA receives useful input on its design and development process.
Konstfack is the Swedish University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. The project with the industrial designers is about four weeks long. It starts with the students being introduced to different materials and manufacturing methods, as well as to how these relate to each other. The starting point for the practical work will be a task given by ROCA Industry. In the beginning, the students make simple sketches and then finish with a product proposal in the form of a refined prototype. 

Different product areas

ROCA Industry's task includes the following products in various product areas:
The 15 students are divided into groups of two to three people and will ultimately model new prototypes within the aforementioned product areas. 

Continuation of cooperation

The lecturer in charge from Konstfack's side is Jonas Ahnme, who was also responsible for the contact between the university and ROCA last time.
This is not the first time that ROCA Industry and Konstfack have collaborated. In autumn 2021, industrial designers from the school worked with our folding brackets and suggested new uses in caravans, mobile homes and other mobile areas.


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