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"You can always rely on ROCA quality"

We interviewed the entrepreneur of the Finnish company JVG Laseja Oy, Jari Gustafsson and asked about his experiences with ROCA. "I can't remember ever receiving customer complaints," says a satisfied Jari Gustafsson. Read Jari's thoughts about ROCA and the glazing industry in general in this customer interview.


JVG Laseja is growing rapidly

JVG Laseja is a strongly growing Finnish company from Helsinki. The company is led by Jari Gustafsson, together with Jukka Viljakainen and was founded in 2018. Both Jari and Jukka have a long experience from the industry. The expertise brought by the experience and the versatile range of services have enabled their success in the competitive field of glass fittings.
JVG Laseja offers glazing solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces in homes, offices or hotels. Glazing solutions for bathrooms, such as sauna glass walls, are among the company's most popular products.


The fittings ensure a top-quality end result

Jari emphasizes several times during the interview the importance of the fittings for a high-quality end result. JVG Laseja is known specifically for its top-quality glazing solutions and that is why the fittings also have to comply with the company's high standards.
"The glass wall of the sauna may always look the same to many people, but the function of the hinges in particular completes the high-quality end result. When the glass wall and its door are built with ROCA's top quality hinges, the resident notices in her/his everyday life how good the glass wall solution is in the end. People seek for everyday luxury in these spaces and that atmosphere must not be ruined by low-quality fittings", says Jari Gustafsson, the entrepreneur of JVG Laseja Oy.

Top-quality and good co-operation secure the customer satisfaction year after year

JVG Laseja has been a happy customer of ROCA since day one. The reason for this is that Jari Gustafsson has worked in the industry for 25 years and he got to know ROCA already at the beginning of the 2000s.
"Over the years, I've had the opportunity to test numerous fitting suppliers from Finland and abroad. I've learnt that the price-quality ratio of ROCA's products is simply superior. Whether it's a glass wall to an office or a shower door solution, we know in our company that with ROCA's products we can always build a high quality results. For us, it is easy to remain as a happy customer of ROCA", says Gustafsson.
Naturally, the good relationship with the ROCA staff is also one of the big reasons for a long co-operation. Jari talks about the positive communication with ROCA's Jarkko Kosonen, which has also lasted for years.
"When both the people and the products are already so familiar to us, everyday life flows naturally in terms of communication, fast and exact delivery times and easy installation of the products. Everyone is our company thinks that ROCA is by far the best fitting supplier in terms of price-quality ratio", concludes Jari Gustafsson.
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