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"Price and quality combination is very good"

Very wide product scale, good price and quality combination and great service from the staff. These are the reasons why Finnish company Glaso Oy is a happy customer of ROCA Industry. Read our interview with their CEO!

Glaso Oy is a relatively young and small company from Ylojärvi just outside of Tampere. The company was founded in 2021 and has two employees. But Glaso Oy has big competence in glass construction, their specialists have over 15 years of experience in the industry.

Miikka Vesa, who is the CEO of the company, has tried products from other companies before, but came to the conclusion that most of ROCA Industry's competitors don't have the same wide product scale:

- Some sell only railings and some sell only hinges and handles. In addition to that, ROCA Industry's price and quality combination is very good. Also your local Finnish staff are nice and they are easy to work with.

Amongst the products that Miikka purchases are mostly shower hinges, connectors and glass wall profiles. Asked if is there a favourite amongst them he answers:

- Decibel doors are one item we try to sell as much as we can. These are easy to assembly, good looking and work very well.


Marketing on Instagram

Miikka and his colleague are a young and agile company. They market themselves and their skills in social media, mainly on Instagram where you can see inspiring pictures and stories about Glaso's latest projects. More and more of the stories are hashtagged with #roca or #rocaindustry 

- We like the looks of the products from ROCA Industry, and they always have the same good quality, says Miikka.

Last but not least, Miikka adds that the fittings are easy to measure and put in place. Aditionially to that, he points out that he gets good service from ROCA Industry's staff: 

- Almost every time, I can reach somebody if I need quick information or make some changes to my order. Being a customer this is important for me, because my customers want information immediately.

If you could ask for a new product that would help your business, which would it be?
- For new product I would like to ask for a 14x25x3mm U-profile and 25x2mm flat aluminium profile - both for making interior design walls. And maybe even also 300mm door handles in black.


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