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"Impressed by the passion with which ROCA works"

Lasilinkki Oy, a traditional family business in the glass industry, is one of ROCA's long-term customers. We talked with the company's CEO, Essi Sundman, about cooperation with ROCA.
Lasilinkki Oy was founded in 1983, which means the company has been operating for a respectable 41 years. Essi Sundman has piloted Lasilink since 2007. Lasilink's team currently consists of 12 employees, 8 of whom work on production and installation.

Glass specialist with own brand

Lasilinkki is known nationwide as an expert in glass decoration and thanks to its unique products. Essi Sundman is particularly proud of its artisan glasses, which the company manufactures at its own factory in Kuopio. The glasses are melted in their own melting furnaces and reshaped into wonderful decorative glasses. Lasilink's products are unique both in Finland and in the Nordic countries. They are especially popular among interior architects and designers.

"Products from our own brand, Essis by Lasilinkki, can be found in the interior of many hotels or restaurants," says Essi Sundman and emphasizes the importance of social media marketing:

"We sell almost all of our project items with the help of different mood pictures, where the products come into their own in inspiring pictures."
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Long cooperation with ROCA

The cooperation with ROCA has been going on for a long time.

"It seems that the cooperation with ROCA has been going on longer than I can even remember! Especially for the last 5 years, we have had a particularly close cooperation with decorative glass," says Essi Sundman.

Through the deep cooperation, the entire ROCA team has become familiar to Essi both in Finland and in our neighboring country, Sweden.

" I'm really impressed by the passion with which the ROCA team works. They genuinely listen to their customers and are always ready to serve us. It's also been great to see that our feedback is really taken into account, for example, regarding product development," Essi praises.

Essi Sundman is extremely satisfied with the quality of ROCA's products and the comprehensive selection. Among the product groups, Essi picks: 
The selection has also developed in exactly the direction that Essi had hoped for.

"The soundproof Decibel glass walls and sliding doors have been very popular among our customers from the beginning. Decibel Edge in particular, with its modern and graceful design, is exactly what our customers in the interior design industry value," says Essi Sundman.

Quality and communication

When asked about development ideas, Essi stays for a while to think, because it is difficult for her to come up with things where ROCA could improve.

Quality and communication get a lot of praise from Essi. She appreciates that the Finnish team spends time on communication and on-site visits, so that he is always up to date with all the news. Naturally, communication is also smooth with remote methods.

Last but not least, Essi praises ROCA's reliability of delivery.

"If there are any complaints, they are always dealt with promptly and completely according to the textbook. ROCA's ordering systems and design programs are also modern", concludes Essi Sundman.


Many thanks Essi for your time for the interview and all the best for your business!

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