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Likes the product range and ROCA's fast deliveries

In just a few years, ROCA Industry has become one of Ekströms Glas' most important suppliers of glass fittings. The reason for this development is ROCA's growing product range, excellent customer service and fast deliveries. This according to Ivan Calic, Business Area Manager for glass, interior design and premium products at Ekströms Glas.
We meet Ivan Calic for a cup of coffee on a Tuesday afternoon in our office. Even though Ekströms Glas and ROCA Industry are closely aligned, we start by asking him to describe his company in brief:
"Ekströms Glas is both a traditional glazier and a modern, innovative interior design company. We have been in business for over 100 years and serve customers in Greater Stockholm with all kinds of glass projects", says Ivan.
The collaboration between Ekströms Glas and ROCA Industry began more than ten years ago. In the beginning, however, Ekströms did not order glass fittings, instead they bought window fittings like window handles and child safety locks
"In recent times, we have expanded our collaboration on the interior design, including glass walls and glass doors where customers need electric and locking features", says Ivan.

Appreciates quality and durability

When asked why his company chooses ROCA's products, Ivan answers without further thought: 
"It is important for us to have a supplier represented locally. In addition, the products must be easy to assemble, durable, and of high quality. Our customers appreciate quality and durability. I say 'check' regarding all these points."

Ivan's contact person at ROCA, Jimmy Berglund, tells us that Ekströms Glas often orders lock solutions for Decibel.
"ROCA has progressed enormously in this area. Add to that our own production of special aluminum frames, and it is quite obvious that we are a unique supplier", says Jimmy proudly, and Ivan nods: 

"You have a wide product range, a high level of customer service and fast deliveries", he confirms.

Uses the glass configurator

After a few minutes, the conversation switches to ROCA's tools and how they help Ivan as a client. The glass configurator makes it easy for Ivan to work with ROCA Industry:
"Your configurator is outstanding. I draw a lot in it; it is perfect to visualize a glass project for the customer. All in 3D, where you can twist and turn everything". 

According to Ivan, this tool beats all competitors on the market.

Recommends ROCA as a supplier

The coffee is almost finished, but Jimmy and Ivan also have time to discuss new product ideas for both customers of ROCA and Ekströms Glas:
"Continue to develop new products - that is my encouragement to you," says Ivan Calic, who looks forward to continued good cooperation in the future as well:
"We invest in long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers. I definitely recommend ROCA as a supplier."
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