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A covered latch that saves space

Our new generation of covered eccentric latches features an elegant and smooth finish, combined with sleek functioning design. The covered eccentric latches from ROCA save space even in an open position owing to its flat design.

These eccentric latches include a diverse range of catch plates to enable the right fit. Since they are made of stainless steel, the latches are aesthetically pleasing as well as practical for daily needs, especially in the marine sector. Although, the concealed toggle latch and its compact and elegant structure make it a brilliant addition to any environment – whether it’s marine or residential.

The covered eccentric latches, like some of the others in the same series, features different finishes – electropolished, tumbled industry finish and some are also available in black. The latch also includes a built-in lock for its release and is sold with a removable eyelet for inserting a padlock, if necessary.


Some of the other salient features include:

– The in-built spring helps lower vibration when using the latch
– The design aids anti-theft function, boosting security measures
– Perfect for use in flight cases, marine equipment, and marine fittings
– The SS latches don’t fade, smudge or rust, and are durable even in harsh condition


See all our eccentric latches

See all our eccentric latches

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