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Robust Easy Release gives more freedom - in a safe way

Regardless the way or where your customers choose to use Robust, there will be situations where they want to have one hand free for other occupations. That's when they will be glad to have chosen Robust Easy Release. 

This is Robust Easy Release

The Easy Release for Robust is an accessory handle kit for ROCA's Robust brackets. It enables the user to easily release two or three Robust brackets on a wider installation/shelf, using only one hand

I'd love to claim that the idea for Easy Release was all ours, but it's not. The first questions and signs for a demand for it came from a distributor, says Lars Wänglund who works as Mechanical Design Engineer in ROCA's R&D department. 

Michael Peng from ROCA in Taiwan adds:

One partner informed us that a Robust bracket was installed at the University of Chicago Student lab / conference room, but the width was too short. Their hope was to have a longer arm, but after several discussions we started synchronising brackets with wider width as a first step to serve those clients. 

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Easy to install

Regarding how hard it is to get a Robust bracket with Easy Release in place, it's actually not.

If you follow our instructions on the web, it should not be difficult. Of course, there is always a bit of adjustment needed, but not more than with other products with the same features, says Wänglund.

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Safety first

"With great power comes great responsibility", said some wise person once and this of course even is valid for Easy Release for Robust. You don't want children to get hurt just because they pushed the release by accident. Therefore it can be set up with a child safety device that requires an extra slide of the folding handle before folding.

– All Robust products have been improved with small plastic covers and other elements to minimize the risk of injury. And regarding Easy Release you can choose whether you want a child-safe version or not. With the child lock, you must slide the handle sideways before you can release the support, says Wänglund. 

ROCA's COO Magnus Eriksson concludes:

– Our safety features are developed in collaboration with safety engineers and auditors on Japan, who give us great feedback and inspiration. We started enhancing them in our "normal" Robust, and it was a natural step to have a secure Easy Release also.

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