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"Proof that I as a product developer did well"

Take a look behind the scenes at ROCA and read the story about the new folding console Regal. How was it developed? What challenges arose during the project? We had a chat with Lars Wänglund, the mastermind behind the product.
How did you come up with the idea to develop Regal?
I can't take all the credit here. It was our R&D Manager Alexander Grinde who had the initial idea that led to the product. His vision was a quiet and smooth movement when you fold down the console.
How long did it take from the first drawing to the launch?
The project started at the end of 2021 and then I started planning and sketching. The launch was in the fall of 2023, so in total it took two years, although we released preview versions for various trade shows. 
What challenges did you encounter?
The idea with the new product was to achieve a quiet and smooth movement that makes as little noise as possible when folding down and up. So I decided to use the damper from our other folding brackets Rakego and Robust. The damper is compact, so that the disc rests against the wall in the lowered position. This makes the overall impression and design look good. The damper is fully integrated into the Regal, and with maximum damping.
I tested different variations in different designs. I also asked the company Täby Finmekaniska to produce profiles and 3D-print other details. When after various minor adjustments, we had achieved a quiet and smooth movement while folding up and down, I choose the final solution and initiated the development of prototypes. I also tested a lot in our own workshop. 

Describe the feeling when you see others test the Regal, or to hear that the product is well received by customers and end users!
I feel proud and satisfied, because that is the proof that I have done a good job. I also think that part of the explanation for the good response is that the console, in addition to in black and in natural anodized gray, can be ordered in other colors, depending on quantity.  
If you were to set up Regal at home yourself, what would it look like?
Then I would choose a solution with two brackets, one with damper and one without. The color would be black and the tabletop white!
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