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New, strong cable transfer for public environment

ROCA Industry presents a new product in the door fittings segment - the cable transfer 5212-W and 5212-RW. Distinctive for the product is the steel wire, that can withstand pull loads of up to 120 kilos, which makes it virtually vandal-proof. 
The impulse to develop and produce the new, reinforced frame transmission came from one of ROCA Industry's customers in door manufacturing. In this case, a door factory that supplies products and solutions to the correctional service.
– This customer's challenge was that the cable transfers were often sabotaged. So my contact person at the company wondered if we couldn't come up with a solution that strengthens the cable transfer so that it is harder to break, says Klas Björkman, sales and product manager in ROCA's door hardware segment. 
After a four months long phase of design, development and testing, the product was ready to be presented to the customer: A cable transfer with a steel wire that can withstand a pull load of 120 kilograms. Klas Björkman explains that the customer's initial reaction was positive:
– We brought along the prototype to the factory and received appreciative comments. The client then demonstrated the cable transfer to his clients who were immediately convinced. From what I've heard, they might consider ordering the 5212-W or 5212-RW next time. 

Soon standard in public administration?

Klas believes that resilience will soon become a standard in public administration, institutions and the school environment. Exposed parts such as frame transmissions must withstand a certain pull load. According to him, more and more doors are becoming more and more stuffed with electronics. That means lots of cables and in order to secure it and other important functions in the door and door leaf, the frame transmission must be resistant.
– In a public environment, there will always be sabotage, that's a fact. When the door is open, the spring in the frame transmission is exposed and therefore has to cope with someone hanging or pulling on it, concludes Klas Björkman. 
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