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Finally a lockable lever bolt

Ensuring Fire Protection with ROCA’s Slug 96 Lockable Lever Bolt.

Closing fire protection doors can be quite a bit of a hassle for people who pass through them repeatedly.

If equipped with a lockable lever bolt within a hold-open system, the doors can remain open. After all, fires break out quickly and only sealing can help prevent its spread drastically.

To keep doors open for long periods, they need to be open mechanically with a wedge or something that implies fire protection hazards. Keeping the doors open is deemed as a negligent action, especially since the door cannot be closed immediately in the event of a fire spread.

In this respect, SLUG 96 technology from ROCA prevents the closure of the active half of the door if the lever bolt is kept unlocked. Unlike standard manual lever bolts that compromise fire protection itself, the new Slug 96 Lockable Lever Bolt features complete user control on door action. The key-user to the door can set locking and access permissions to avoid the unintentional utilization of the passive door leaf.

The lever bolt applies the revolutionary push-to-close cylinder technology that indicates the locked or unlocked nature of the bolt, visually. One just needs to bring the cylinder up or down to lock the door, inserting the rod into its hole within the door frame or the threshold. Push it till it locks.

SLUG 96 can be used on wooden and metal doors and includes handy screws for installation for self-drilling purposes.


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