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Decibel Sliding Door - new sound-reducing sliding door

Hardware manufacturer ROCA Industry launches the Decibel Sliding Door system, which has sound-reducing characteristics. The product is particularly suitable for offices and other public environments where there is a need for discretion and the opportunity to work in silence.
"Decibel Sliding Door is a sound-reducing sliding glass door with similar properties to a swing glass door. The door is completely frameless", says Magnus Eriksson, one of ROCA Industry's owners.

ROCA Industry hopes to meet the market's need for such a solution, not only in Sweden but also in Norway, Finland and other countries (ROCA Industry sells in around 65 markets worldwide).

"In Sweden, we have strict indoor sound requirements and it feels good to be able to meet these with a sliding door", says Magnus Eriksson.
The sound reduction when the door is closed is considerable. Tests in the sound lab at Turku University of Technology showed a so-called Rw value of 32 dB (sliding doors usually have an approximate RW value of 15).

"The product is called Decibel Sliding Door because it fits our already well-established range of aluminum frames under the heading 'Decibel'", concludes Magnus Eriksson.

Available at rocaindustry.com

Decibel Sliding Door is now available at ROCA's homepage. Click here or the button below to access the Decibel products.
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